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Decorative Paints

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Cladding Coatings

547 SB Acrylic Vinyl Sheen Finish

Single pack fast drying high build acrylic vinyl pigmented with durable, light fast pigments offering excellent durability and colour retention properties.  Suitable for application to plastisol, uPVC and other such substrates.  Long term durability up to 10 years.

  • Overcoating Time @ 20°C : 3 hours
  • Touch Dry @ 20°C: 1 hour
  • Colour: Tinted to any BS4800/Ral/BS381C or bespoke colour

Corrocure Anti Corrosion Vinyl Sheen Primer Finish

 Quick drying, anti-corrosive primer finish Typical uses: Onto prepared steel, galvanised surfaces and existing prepared finishes Ideal for street lighting, furniture, fencing, gates & railings. 

Outstanding adhesion to metal & plastisol cladding

Provides a flexible finish with high levels of impact resistance


Single pack water based spray applied elastomeric cladding coating with amazing 5 metre dry fall.  200% elasticity, protects against cracking and peeling.  The absolute best in corrosion protection and waterproofing. Noxyde offers 15 years protection in the highest corrosion class C5-M.  Manufacturers 10-15 year warranty on industrial roofs and plastisol cladding for areas over 500m2, subject to site survey.

  • Dry to Recoat: 24 hours
  • Touch Dry @ 20°C: 1.5 Hours
  • Colour: Standard colour range. Other colours minimum 100kg


Single pack water based coating optimised for brush or roller application, anti corrosion protection on ferrous and non ferrous metals.  Elastomeric technology protects against cracking and peeling offering the best in corrosion protection and waterproofing on metal roofs and cladding including plastisol.  Weather resistant, durable in harsh conditions ideal for coastal locations. 

  • Dry to Recoat: 6 Hours
  • Drying Time @ 20°C/RH50%: Touch Dry 1 Hour
  • Colour: Standard colour range. Other colours minimum 100kg.


Single pack solvent based elastic coating for application at low temperatures (as low as -5 Deg C) and damp conditions for metal surfaces and cladding by brush/roller/airless spray.  Primer and topcoat in one, protects against cracking and peeling can be applied in humid conditions and suitable for corrosion class C5-M ISO 12944. Manufacturers 10 year warranty for areas over 500m2, subject to site survey.

  • Drying Time @ 20°C/RH50%: Dry to re-coat 24-48 hours

Single Pack Primer

 A fast drying, single pack, anti corrosive primer for use under a variety of finishes.



  • Application: Brush, Roller & Spray
  • Coverage: 10 Sqm/L
  • Drying Time: Recoat: 4 Hours
  • Finish: Matte

Steel & Cladding Semi Gloss Topcoat

 A steel and cladding finish formulated to provide long lasting protection against corrosion on metal.



  • Drying Time: Recoat: 16-24 Hours
  • Finish: Semi-Gloss

Water Based Seal And Cladding Topcoat

 A water based seal for use over masonry top coats which provides protection against water ingress.



  • Coverage: 3-5 Sqm/L
  • Drying Time: Recoat: 8 Hours
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