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Industrial Paints & Protective Coatings

“We have your application covered”

Interior Walls

103-1 Clear Acrylic Glaze Gloss Finish

Water borne acrylic copolymer clear glaze for application over emulsion paints

  • Overcoating Time @ 20°C : 2 hours (will vary with temperature, air movements, etc.)
  • Touch Dry @ 20°C: 30 minutes
  • Colour: Clear Gloss

104-100 Dac Satin & Dac Matt Acrylic Emulsion

Acrylic emulsion high quality water-based paint for interior and exterior use on masonry, cement, plaster, concrete, asbestos, hardboard, timber, etc. . The satin finish gives a durable velvet sheen. Coatings are hardwearing and scrub-resistant

  • Overcoating Time @ 20°C : 2-4 hours Drying times emulsion paints will vary widely depending upon humidity, air circulation, ventilation, etc.
  • Touch Dry @ 20°C: 1 hour
  • Colour: White, Magnolia other colours made to order

150-44 Dacbond for Silicaceous Surfaces

For ceramic tiles, cement, vitreous enamels etc.
  • Overcoating Time @ 20°C : Allow 2 hours

150-50 Clear Fungicidal Masonry Sealer

Water-based modified acrylic with fungicidal additive for use with water-based coatings systems. Penetrating sealer for porous substrates, aged friable masonry paints, new concrete, rendering, brick, plaster, etc.

  • Overcoating Time @ 20°C : 2 hours Drying times will vary depending on humidity, air circulation, ventilation, etc.
  • Touch Dry @ 20°C: 30 minutes
  • Colour: Clear Finish

79W Epidac 2W Water Based Epoxy

Two pack durable chemical-resistant epoxy for use on concrete, plaster,  brick, tile, primed steel and non-ferrous metals, and a wide range of other substrates. Low odour suitable for food factories, dairies, etc. Useful as sealer to prevent bitumen or pitch 'bleed'.

  • Overcoating Time @ 20°C : After overnight drying but within 3 days ( drying - will vary with temperature , air movement etc).
  • Touch Dry @ 20°C: 6 hours
  • Colour: White, Pewter, Tile Red. Full range of colours to minimum batch size.

Rustoleum Contract Matt White

Large scale project quality emulsion, easy to apply, high financial return/cost effective almost flat white contract emulsion.  Goes on to prepared existing wall paint, cement, plasterwork, concrete, brick, gypsum panelling, board also suitable for glass fibre fabric.
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