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Industrial Paints & Protective Coatings

“We have your application covered”

Rusty Steel

150-141 Super Ruscon

Water borne rust convertor/passivator.  Avoid over application.  Can be overcoated with most single pack and two pack products.

  • Overcoating Time @ 20°C : After 3 hours and within 48 hours

591 UHB Tinted High Build Anti Corrosion Primer

Single pack or two pack high build primer (two pack when used with 591 GP Hardener/Activator)

  • Overcoating Time @ 20°C : 1 1/2 hours
  • Touch Dry @ 20°C: 10 minutes
  • Colour: Tinted to any BS4800/Ral/BS381C or bespoke colour

79-458 Epidac 2 High Build Zinc Phosphate Primer

Two pack high build epoxy with anti corrosion pigmentation for use on prepared steel and galvanised steel.

Fully compliant to Environmental Protection Act (1990) as required by Guidance Note PG 6/23 (97), Clause 20 (d), when used as tie coat, sealer or blast primer.

  • Overcoating Time @ 20°C : Overnight
  • Touch Dry @ 20°C: 2-4 hours
  • Colour: Grey

79-498 Epidac 2 High Build Fast Set Epoxy Primer

Two pack FAST SET high build  zinc phosphate epoxy primer reinforced with micaceous  iron oxide pigmentation.

For use on prepared steel and galvanised surfaces especially where rapid overcoating is required. Typical applications include lighting columns and general industrial plant. For site maintenance where rapid curing is an advantage.

  • Overcoating Time @ 20°C : 2 hours (single pack) / 1 hour (two-pack)
  • Touch Dry @ 20°C: 30 minutes
  • Colour: Grey

98 Quick Drying Anti Corrosion Primer

Single pack fast drying primer using modified alkyd, zinc phosphate with good rust-inhibitive properties suitable for the protection of steel. 

  • Overcoating Time @ 20°C : Maybe overcoated after 45 minutes or as soon as film-dry with all white spirit based finishing coats. Fast-drying finishing coats based on stronger solvents should be overcoated when primer is firm-dry but within 1 hours, or allow primer to dry overnight (refer to data sheet)
  • Touch Dry @ 20°C: 30 minutes
  • Colour: Black, White, Grey-Green, Buff, Cupress, Red Oxide, Yellow, Blue, Grey, other colours to special order

Corroless EPF

 Two pack.  Rust stabilisng glass flake reinforced epoxy primer Excellent track record on bridge maintenance painting projects where blast cleaning was impossible,  yet longer term performance was required over only hand-prepared steelwork. High film build by brush, can be applied to damp steel surfaces to aid practicality under difficult site conditions. Corroless EPF has undergone extensive independent testing and has gained approvals from: UK Network Rail for bridges and other steelwork; British Standard BS6920:2000 for use with potable water (in conjunction with Corroless RF35 (2006); to DEFSTAN and MIL specs for bulk fuel tank interiors (together with Corroless RF35 White); and it also has a designated NATO stock number.

  • Colour: Buff or Black

Corroless M

Single pack.  Rust stabilising primer for use on weathered  rusted areas of galvanizing, steel and other metals.  Enables the use of one primer for various substrates.  No etch primer or barrier coat required on galvanizing.  Excellent adhesion and flexibility.

  • Colour: Red Brown

Corroless QDR

 Single pack. Quick drying rust stabilising primer reinforced with self leafing glass flake for hand prepared steel.  Fast overcoating from only 30 minutes.  NATO Stock Number 0442-6850-25-150-0974.

  • Colour: QDR1 Red Brown QDR2 Buff QDR3 Black

Corroless S

 Single pack rust stabilising primer.  Can be applied to steelwork where blasting is not possible, manually prepare to ST2  standard of EN ISO  8501-1:2007.  Over 30 years track record in corrosion control.  Will withstand operating temperatures of up to 200 Deg C.

  • Colour: S1 Red Brown S2 Buff

Corroless SHB

Single pack.  High build rust stabilising primer for hand prepared steel.  High film build achieved by brush application.  Nato Stock Number 0474-8030-99-535-3044.

  • Colour: Buff
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