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Industrial Paints & Protective Coatings

“We have your application covered”

Dacrylate Paints Anti Graffiti & Anti Climb

150-198 Margard GP Graffiti Removal Solution

Single pack general purpose graffiti removal solution using a blend of suitable solvents together with additives supplied as a gel. Typically used for the removal of sprayed graffiti, felt marker pen, etc., from sealed surfaces, and from many plastics and aged alkyd paints.

British Rail Catalogue No. 7/57457/8

300 Margard Easyclean AGS

A high solids compliant two-pack polysiloxane,  environmently friendly,  isocyante free, extremely long life : Typically 25 to 30 years.  

  • Overcoating Time @ 20°C : Not normally required
  • Touch Dry @ 20°C: 2-3 hours
  • Colour: Ral, BS or any special colour to order

39 Margard Anti Climb Paint

Single pack  non-drying oil based solvent-free coating typically used as a soft, non-drying coating to deter climbing of walls, fences, pylons, etc.

  • Overcoating Time @ 20°C : N/A
  • Touch Dry @ 20°C: N/A
  • Colour: Black - Other colours made to order

4 Margard Permanent Water Washable Clear Graffiti System

A unique single pack moisture curing polymer typically used as a permanent anti-graffiti coating with excellent water washable graffiti removal properties for concrete, brick coated metal, etc. (see Notes below). Graffiti can be simply removed by pressure washing with water to produce the original coating without the use of solvents or gels.

  • Overcoating Time @ 20°C : 4 hours minimum (will vary with temperature, air movements, etc.)
  • Touch Dry @ 20°C: 1 hour
  • Colour: Clear Gloss or Matt Finish

4-1 Margard Non Darkening Sealer

Single pack acrylic emulsion typically used as a primer/sealer to prevent darkening of substrates where the original appearance needs to be retained, or as a stabiliser/sealer on porous substrates and under-bound substrates/coatings. 

  • Overcoating Time @ 20°C : 4 hours (will vary with temperature, air movements, etc.)
  • Touch Dry @ 20°C: 30 minutes
  • Colour: Clear

Corrocure Anti Climb Paint

Soft non-drying coating to deter climbing of walls, fences, pylons etc.  Semi gloss finish.  Ask about our anti climb signs.

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